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Monday, July 14, 2003  
How many times can one fall in love in their lifetime?

someone once said that people only stucked with their love because the society condemned otherwise. Is that true?

8:34 AM

Saturday, July 12, 2003  
OMG!!! I don't have to update my blogs everyday, right?

I've decided that I don't only have lazy mind, I also have lazy fingers!!! Somehow though, the excitement of writing daily blog has worn out and even when I didn't have anything to do, I would probably not write anything. Of course, another possibility would be I haven't read, listened or done anything worth mentioning in this blog. Sad sad sad sad.

But, if I have to write something in here, it would be about the words I've cherished in the past months. Oh, chew me! I'm so in love and has turned into such a sappy hopeless romantic normal girl.

`Can you feel my heart beating for you
`You are everything to me
`I will love you forever
`Ti adoro anima mia
`Ti amo tanto piccola mia


4:22 AM

Tuesday, May 20, 2003  
Havent blogged for almost a month!!! Didnt realize that until i saw the latest update I clogged in here....hehehe. Nothing much to tell about myself...STILL in LOOOOOOOOOOVE, still looking for ways to stay away from useless shopping spree, still looking for ways to add another digit to my bank account (what bank account!! grrrr), uh uh...just got so much tan too...4 days at the beach during last long weekend, came back home with a sore that i could never imagine existed!!! Gained couple of kilos too (shucks!).

Bits from home
Third day of military operation in NAD today. Heard that people had started burning schools. Why oh Whyyyyy??? Isn't it bad enough for children not to be able to get some security now they have to lose their chance for decent education too ?? People are so dumb everywhere...and especially here.

5:37 AM

Sunday, April 27, 2003  
Damnnn! I know i'm not a marketing person...but at least some people shouldn't have just said that I wasn't so but instead helping out in the process too!!! Was so pissed. No one giving out help during presentation but so willingly passed judgement!!

Although truly, being an adult, I have also myself to blame. Should keep practising first before giving out my speech but ...(dramatic sigh) ...still!

7:51 PM

Wednesday, April 23, 2003  
Went through "Jakarta Undercover" by Moammar Emka. Hahaha...people must have been dying to be the pervs of Jakarta's sex life. Wonders why there were so few women's service was written there. And the ones Emka talked about...well... I'll pass!
4:15 AM

Saturday, April 19, 2003  
For almost a thousand years, Baghdad was the cultural capital of the Arab world, the most literate population in the Middle East. Genghis Khan’s grandson burnt the city in the 13th century and, so it was said, the Tigris river ran black with the ink of books. Yesterday, the black ashes of thousands of ancient documents filled the skies of Iraq.


Sometimes I'm trying to make sense of the love i'm feeling toward my love. And sometimes said to myself, stop making sense and just enjoy what you have now. I'm not really questioning the future though. I'm pretty sure of what I have, what I'm feeling, what we BOTH feeling. I guess, maybe I should just concentrate on nurturing what we're having instead of worrying too much about the future.

4:08 AM

Thursday, April 17, 2003  
goodness.....if I could count the many kilometers I travelled in the past 4 days, I might be traveling the distance around Java. Couldn't write much, but just so happy our projects were still living up to the names. Was happy that the money been put to a wonderful use. Was just felt so happy (what was the word for it again?) to see those children wanting to learn. Still looking forward to go home nevertheless. I need to catch up on sleep. Lots of them!!

12:23 AM

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